How FOB Donations Support Bell

The allocation of funds raised is determined by the Local School Council, which is an elected body.  Funds raised by Friends of Bell support many programs at Bell School, from the computer lab and athletics, to the art room and theater residencies. 

Without our generous donors, Bell School would have a very different look and feel.  Friends of Bell is so thankful to all our donors, our faculty and the entire Bell community.  Friends of Bell is passionate about helping Bell School enrich the lives of its students.  The Bell School Staff works hand-in-hand with the Friends of Bell in order to bring a well-balanced and fun learning atmosphere to our school.  



 Each grade year has a dedicated arts or humanities residency that is funded from donations received.  Residencies include CircEsteem (kindergarten and 1st grade), Civics (1st – 2nd grade), Looking Glass Theatre (3rd grade), Poetry (4th grade), Fulcrum Point (5th grade), Shakespeare (6th grade), Mosaics (7th grade), Legacy Project (8th grade).  Some of the residencies will do a performance and others will have a tangible item produced that will be displayed or installed at the school for future students, parents and teachers to enjoy.  Some of the residencies will use a social hot topic and engage the students and build the performance or art from the students viewpoint. 



Bell School has a long-term plan for technology and maintenance of current technology.  Friends of Bell has been able to help increase technology throughout the building.  Some tech items funded are iPads, carts for iPads and Chromebooks, classroom projectors, document cameras, Apps, and PCs for the Computer Lab.  Bell School is always polling their staff to find out what they need to enhance the learning environment.  


class size reduction

Bell School always will try to have the most ideal class size for learning.  In order to achieve this CIWP (continuous improvement work plan) goal, Friends of Bell has helped purchase positions thanks to fundraising donations.  In the past some of the positions included additional art, music and gym teachers, additional grade level teachers and additional classroom aides to bring the teacher student ratio within what Bell considers ideal for learning.



The Social Emotional Committee is dedicated to finding speakers that help parents navigate the different stages of development with their child(ren).  Past speakers have included topics such as: executive functioning, navigating social media and engaging children in family activities.