Bell gala 2019
a night in old havana

Saturday, February 23rd at 8:00pm
Rockwell On The River


ABOUT THE BELL gala / wish list

The Bell Wish List Campaign is our largest fundraiser and is a direct appeal that lets donors choose how their financial contributions will support Bell in the coming school year. It culminates with an adults-only party for parents, faculty and bell supporters.


The Wish List is a direct appeal fundraiser that gives donors the opportunity to choose directly how their donations are utilized by fulfilling the "wish list" of the school, artist residencies, individual classrooms, etc. Parents can designate the donation toward 30 items on the List.  The donation will benefit the following school year.  The Wish List Committee members and Ms. Miler work together to determine the items on the List each year.  This fundraiser gives parents the ability to directly impact their child’s education as well as donate to items the family is passionate about.  

The main lobby is transformed into the theme of the Wish List and a giant size replica of the Wish List is in the lobby and updated daily to show how close each item is to full funding.  The students always have awesome discussions about the items on the board.  For the younger students, their teachers will point out items that the students have interactions with the students will know which items to watch grow.   


The annual Bell Gala is a fun, adults-only party that changes in theme each year.  It includes live and silent auctions, raffles, drinks, food and plenty of fun!  It's a great opportunity for parents to connect with each other, with faculty and the Bell community outside of school in a fun setting.
This fundraiser needs lots of volunteers to help make it a success each year.  There are multiple committees in which to get involved in the event.

Supporting Bell

The sponsorship pledges donated to Bell help continue the academic and extracurricular standards that make Bell so great.  In 2018, the FOB received over $150,000 from the Wish List/Bell Gala!